Are we satisfied with the actions of our leaders that we feel we don’t need to try harder to contain the virus?  

Sadly, the opportunity to prepare for and stop the spread of the virus came and went months ago.  The world watched as China’s nurses and doctor’s pleaded for their lives and the lives of their colleagues. We watched as they were building hospitals in ten days and dragging people out of their apartments who were infectious. Once the first case was diagnosed in Washington, the USA’S complacent reaction was an indication of things to come. 

Complacency said this is no worse than the flu.

Complacency says I’m still going shopping.

The complacent are disregarding the highly contagious nature of the virus.

Being complacent has put a horrible strain on our medical system.  It is causing our doctors and nurses to sleep in RV’S in their driveways.  It has caused the death of nearly 7,000 people in the USA; 16 of those deaths by March 29 and more than doubling to 38 by April 3 in Oklahoma. 

Complacency has led to women making masks for health care professionals as quickly as they can. They are being mailed and given to doctors and nurses across the USA because they don’t have enough PPE.

“Heroes Work Here” signs are being seen at hospitals.

Complacency has led to loved ones dying alone in hospitals. Supermarket shelves being emptied. People losing their jobs.  School closings. 

People losing millions from plunging share prices.

Please don’t let complacency continue to burden our health care system, our livelihood, and the health and welfare of our friends and family.

 I have a suitcase sitting in my living room reminding me not to become complacent. I walk around it everyday, not that I need a reminder that my son’s health and that of so many of our medical professionals and first responders are in jeopardy.  I think of that everyday. 

It reminds me to think forward and to remind people to disinfect their front door handles, washing machine/dryer handles, glasses, etc. It reminds me to be prayerful. It reminds me that I have to return to Beijing to fulfill my employment contract, and it reminds me that I need to live life to its fullest inside my home!

The suitcase is packed and ready for a 14 day Chinese quarantine at a government facility upon return to Beijing. It is filled with Clorox Wipes, a roll of TP, snacks, just add water soups, bowl, spoon, etc. ( I’ve seen pictures of the food other teachers have been served in quarantine upon their arrival) I still need to add sheets, a pillow, towel, and flip-flops so I won’t have to touch anything, wherever it is they decide to quarantine us.

What I don’t understand about some people’s complacent actions is why is all the toilet paper gone? If people are happy with the lack of enforced lockdowns and continue to go on as normal, why are beer and potato chips selling out and being restocked as if we could never find them in the stores again? Some must not be that convinced.

Complacency is not going to stop the spread of the virus or its economic impact.  

Staying home is going to help, but the spread is quite significant now. 

Be vigilant in your actions so we can enjoy our family and friends sooner, than later… and we won’t be subjected to binge watching Tiger King!


About cessley

I am a bereaved parent. I write to give hope to other bereaved parents who are fresh in their grief. I want them to know life begins again. It (life) is forever changed, as are you, but one day, you will smile again. You may travel, you will make new friends, your heart will mend, though never heal and it will be a painful ride. It is one step at a time....sometimes, even one breath to the next is all we can seem to live through each day. But each day will be a new beginning, a different beginning, a different you. I have two surviving children: Amy, who is married to Brandon, and they have one daughter, Avery, and one son, Dylan. and Eric who is a doctor and is Clifton's twin brother. Clifton passed away when he was nearly two years old. As any bereaved parent knows, it is tough, REALLY tough trying to live after the death of a child. I lived in Shanghai, China for three years after the death of my son, and then lived in Beijing for two years. I am discovering life again, one step at a time. I returned to Oklahoma in February , 2020 due to the uncertainty of the virus. Little did I know the uncertainty would follow me across the ocean. This is nothing compared to the death of a child. I will survive! View all posts by cessley

9 responses to “Complacency

  • Manuela

    Dear Cathy, thank you for sharing your thoughtful thoughts. I hope that all your friends will very soon become as conscious as you are and advise around them. I also hope your government listens NOW to the experts and drives you all safely. Many good things to your son and his courageous colleagues. Your French lockdowned friend.

  • Steve Hardwick

    The disheartening thing is that, two and a half months later, things aren’t much better, and we’re now trending upwards at an alarming rate. This past weekend, our president encouraged a reduction in testing so that the numbers would flatten, which made me physically nauseated. I’ve been WFH since late March, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be going back to the office anytime soon. I struggle with mask fatigue, and have to remind myself to put my mask on before I go into Reasor’s or Quik Trip. And I’m one of the very lucky ones – I still have my job, I have an apartment with working a/c, and I have a support system of friends and co-workers that I can video chat with when things seem bleak. Many people don’t have those luxuries, and I fear for their sanity and well-being.

    • cessley

      Hi Steve, Thank you for your comment. Yes, it’s not much better! Many are far to complacent for me. I don’t even go into QT. I still have my job, though my salary has been reduced the past two months. It is painful to watch the news. Did you get out over the weekend at all?

      • Steve Hardwick

        My soon-to-be ex, her boyfriend, and our daughter and one of her friends (I know, sounds like a really bad sitcom!) went to the BLM rally at Veteran’s Park. I’ve been going into the office in the mornings for the past week. QT & Reasor’s as needed. Otherwise, 24/7 solitary confinement in my apartment.
        I can’t even watch the news anymore – in fact, I rarely turn my TV on anymore. It’s so deflating, and so very frustrating to watch anything coming out of Washington or OKC.

      • cessley

        nearly two months later….How’s it going?

      • Steve Hardwick

        No changes…seems like an eternal holding pattern, waiting for something (positive) to happen.

      • cessley

        My positive was yesterday! So hopefully it will be a continuing pattern!

      • Steve Hardwick

        Also, if you’d like to continue this discussion less publicly (although it’s Gmail, so the same level of privacy 😬), shoot me an email at hardwickse(at) – would love to hear from you!

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