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TULSA WOMAN Released from Quarantine by the Tulsa Health Department


Breaking News:

A Tulsa  woman recently home from Beijing, China has been in quarantine in her home and has been symptom free from the coronavirus during her 14 day quarantine. 

Today, she is a free woman.

Oh goodness.  I’m now the “Tulsa Woman. “

I’m a free Tulsa woman! 

 I’ve completed the mandatory quarantine established by the CDC, which was monitored by the Tulsa Health Department. As of 4:40 p.m. on Friday, February 28, I took my final SKYPE monitoring call for a temperature reading for the health department.  

temperature monitoring form, 14 days complete, no fever, no symptoms

I was told as long as I remained symptom free through the rest of the day, I would be released from quarantine and free to go on the 29th.

Would I go out at midnight and drive around the city?

They wished me well and I knew I wouldn’t have further contact with them unless there was an emergency.

During this quarantine period, I discovered that at a local hospital in Tulsa, administration, infectious disease specialists, lung specialists and others were being briefed on a contingency plan for the local coronavirus case quarantined at home in Tulsa in case treatment is needed for that individual. 

 ME!  That individual is me!

This was in relation to me choosing this hospital when asked by health officials where I would like to go should I have an emergency.

Then they contact that hospital to notify them of my selection. Lucky hospital.

 The good news is I’m not infected and that local hospital is prepared with a contingency plan for anyone who may become infected later on.  It’s great to hear our local health care providers are talking and prepared for an emergency such as the coronavirus. 

How do I feel?

It’s great to know I can come or go as I please. 

However, with the increase of Coronavirus cases in the USA and two more people being investigated for the virus in the State of Oklahoma, and with the flu season at its peak, questions from friends regarding the incubation period, and finally upon receipt of some hateful messages, I have chosen to stay homebound for just a bit longer.

I do not have symptoms!

People say masks don’t work, even though they are sold out across the globe. Surgical masks don’t keep the smaller airborne particles  from sneaking through and around the non-fitted areas around the mouth and nose and N95 masks need to be properly fitted, but I will keep my masks handy and wear them in larger groups of people for a while when I do finally go out in public, anyway.  The mask may just stop that one, large droplet expelled from someone’s mouth when someone sneezes or coughs my way.   Can you imagine if I caught the flu now after being released from quarantine? People would worry it was “The Virus.” What a panic that would be!  I didn’t escape the virus only to come down with the flu.

There have been questions in regard to the incubation period.  I have had several friends asking if the period had been extended from 14 to 24 days and suggested I stay inside longer.  I can guarantee you I have contacted the health department and asked these questions.  They are in constant contact with the CDC and they have been told the 14 day period is sufficient.

I am honestly doing my due diligence as a citizen and following all protocol and guidelines, even beyond the established quarantine period to ease the minds of people in Tulsa.

Finally, the last factor that determined my extra stay in my home are the messages I have received via facebook messenger. I imagine these people saw a story on one of the local news stations, or googled my name and took the time to look me up on facebook and sent me a message filled with questions of hate. I did not bother to respond and only deleted the messages.  

Am I letting this final factor bother me? 

I wouldn’t say I am staying home because of the ugliness, but I do understand the fear.  I lived it everyday for 4 weeks in China. The difference is I channeled these fears into something more positive and tried to help others rather than criticize or judge them. 

I understand people are scared and as humans, we often fear the unknown. However, this fear can manifest into other strong emotions, such a hate, but should not be directed toward people of any race.  The virus is the problem. 

How about turning this emotion into something positive to help and support people?  I have seen support beyond measure from my friends during this crazy time in my life.

My SKYPE APP is calling.

Who could that be?

As of right now, this minute, it is 6:00 p.m. on Friday night.

It is exactly one hour and twenty minutes after my release from the Tulsa Health Department. 

The only calls I receive from SKYPE right now are from the Tulsa Health Department.

 It is the Tulsa Health Department. 

My heart is jumping out of my chest right now!


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